Our Winning Team

Our team is comprising of the individuals who have combined experience of over 30 years of the industries. Our core team remain the part of the evolution of the IT industry in last decade or so, we are group young dynamic individuals who are innovators and the idea behind the formation of CratSol is also to innovate and to remove the gap of the society.

We are here to educate our customers, to guide them and assist them to get the best value from their IT infrastructures.

We have experience of working in amazing companies likes of AT&T, Accenture, BSkyB and many other companies who are industrial giants and we have so much to learn from these companies which we have brought in CratSol.

CratSol team bring the ethos of highest standards with the human touch, our policies are always rotating around the satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction.

Our HR has introduced a personal development and growth system which is based on the performance evaluation on monthly, quarterly and annually basis and the this evaluation has the major portion of customer satisfaction.